Ok, first is my mom, but now that I know that she’s pretty proud of me.

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Seriously though, I live in fear of becoming lazy.

I can wake up at 5:30am, go for a 5 mile run, come home — shower, change, be the first person in the office and still feel lazy, if I didn’t make my bed.

This is what it sounds like in my head:

Hey you lazy shit, you see your bed? It’s not made.

You know you want to be the guy who makes his bed every day.
You know you love going to hotels where the bed is made.
You know you like made beds, why are you walking out of your room without making yours, it is ONLY 3 minutes. …

Have you ever believed in an idea so much that you said to your boss “look, if you give me x time frame to build this, I’ll come back with Y revenue or I’ll go back to my old job / fire me?”

I was always willing to put my ass on the line to get what I wanted out of my manager. It served me well. I assumed they had 10 other people asking for raises / promotions / etc who felt that they deserved it as much as I did.

I wanted to show up having already paid for my raise with performance on things they didn’t ask me to do. …

Probably. Mom taught me to make sure it was their loss, not mine.

I think it’s extremely difficult to prove someone didn’t hire you because of your race, gender. You just know it happens (the data proves it) but due to a slew of reasons that might not even be known to the hiring manager (biases), it’s hard to say, I wasn’t hired because I was black. One company I tried so hard to get into is run someone who isn’t racist one bit, but after 2–3 attempts, they never hired me. More on that below.

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I never expected fairness

Today I was talking about company diversity with a friend and it hit me that maybe the reason why I never really harped on “fewer opportunities for POC” was that my mom drilled in my head day after day that I was never going to get a 50/50 shot, so I wonder if hearing that every day for 10 years (it felt like every day), my normal is “of course I have to be outstanding to get a fair shake” “If I am as good as my white counterpart, I’m pretty much never going to get a 50/50 shake.” …

One of my favorite books is speed of trust, one of my top takeaways was this…

Trust is the grease in your gears

Think of gears in a bike…trust is grease in those gears (greased gears just run smooth with low friction), lack of trust is sand in those gears, and sand in those gears means every part of your body has to work harder to move the bike. Lack of trust in your people, your customers, etc is friction.

Friction slows down every relationship you have.

I’ve worked with a few people in my career that are naturally low trust people and there is nothing you can do to convince them, their world view is one of skepticism and low trust. …

I’m fascinated by resilience, the toughness that gets you through. I reflect daily on resilience, I try every day to do inconvenient things to keep me sharp.
I also look for small things to make things better for the next person who comes after me.

I Hate making my bed, yes, so today I’m starting to make my bed every day (hopefully).
I used to be the guy who would take the last fork, use it and throw it in the dishwasher, that inconvenienced the next person, who just reheated their meal, now they gotta open the drawer, see nothing is there, then go to the dishwasher, pick out some crusty fork, wash it, just to eat their meal. Maybe I could have just washed the fork after I was done. …

I just had 24 1:1’s (ish, a few were 2:1’s) in 40 hours, one reflection regarding moving up in an organization or laterally to a new challenge (also a promotion in my eyes) is this…

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Crystal (not me) having a 1:1 in our SD office, this was just a better picture :)

If you want a promotion, consider not talking about it.

Your manager isn’t waking up saying, “who should I promote today?” or “I’mma go promote me some peeps”.
Your manager instead is saying:
Last quarter was ROUGH, who are the people on my team who solved a LOT of problems for me?
Who helped me to see things that I didn’t see, proposed solutions, saw it through, whom couldn’t I live without?
Who might have been able to help me tackle some of those problems?
Who handled shit on their own while I was OOTO on vacation and crushed it, maybe even doing it better than me?
I want a promotion, who could back fill MY roles when I go to make my pitch for a promotion?
Who is connected to our team’s / company’s vision? …

The company you hate one day is the same one that gives you piece of mind the next day.

Phones built by slave labor in warehouses
Bros are take over parks from locals
When it comes to the big tech companies & diversity, messages like this about how bad Google (or any other company) is are out there, over and over

Facebook is letting politicians make ads with false information, what?

Amazon is killing people by overworking drivers, (wonder how much of that is offset by the amount of people who would be driving just a few miles from their houses and dying in car accidents on their way to buy goods and services?)

If you think your company has culture problems / is a shitty place to be, join the club. Who hasn’t been there.

Its the 10% of people who attempt solutions to culture issues that are the gold in any org.

Talking about bad culture is like talking about wanting to lose weight. Rarely does moving your mouth improve the culture, at some point you gotta put int the work. Here’s how I’ve kept an attitude of gratitude at Work.

Here are a couple of things that help me stay in a position of extreme gratitude and I try to spread it, hope it helps you too. …

One of the things I’ve been saying to our team more and more lately is… I’m here 17 years later because its still fun.

If you sit anywhere near me, watch me on YouTube, etc you just kinda feel that I’m not out of gas, yet. Someday maybe, but as of today eff that.

One other part of why work is fun, is that I get to be a part of some awesome people’s lives. It gives me purpose, let me give you a few examples…

Being a part of special moments

Last year I got to lean into one of my dreams for Seer very aggressively — start using our profits to help people at Seer get more financial value from their time here … we had a really strong year so I changed some…

Finding someone who can run your biz when your business outgrows your abilities can go great or horrific but its highly likely to be one of the two.
I want to share anecdotal stories that all occurred recently between me and my #2 (And the company’s #1), Crystal O’Neill.

Before we do, lets take a step back and have some perspective. If you business grows enough to where your “problems” are “how do I find someone to help me run and manage it?” Take a second in your crazy whirlwind to reflect on the fact that you got to that point. …


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