How do you know if you have praise bias / blind spots??

Many years ago, I read the book 1001 ways to reward employees and one example that stood out to me was this one.

This is part of how you can make recognizing your team’s work a habit. You all know my love of data though, so I love having “structured” praise which lets me see my habits over time. Submitting praise in our feedback tool (Small Improvements) allowed me to see how I was doing at the virtual “5 coins” example. …

I had been trying to recruit Lisa for 5 years and the timing never worked out.

She’d bring her team to the “search church” for our community events to network and learn year in and year out.

Ahhh the search church events, Lisa and her team are somewhere in this photo.

When she couldn’t get budget to educate her people, she found our events and would bring them there! I liked that kind of leadership. But in all my attempts I wasn’t able to have her join us.

One day I got a call … that she might be interested in interviewing at Seer. I was stoked. I had an open role, she would…

Managers, firing sucks. It does, we do it hoping it is the best end state for the company and the individual. A good manager wants to see someone win, but a good manager also knows when someone isn’t going to win at this time, in this company, that it is time to part ways.

8 years ago I wrote a post about loving the employees who leave, it all still holds true.

I had to share this email I got from someone I had to let go, 9 years ago.

I’m sharing this for every manager who will never get…

Why I don’t use blurry backgrounds for Zoom

Yesterday I has a team show and tell on some new power bi data I was visualizing and I saw someone had a TON of hiking gear in their background and when I said “woah you are a hiker” their response was “yeah I probably need a better background.” To which I was like NO WAY!!! Bring your whole self, I HATE those fake backgrounds…cause I don’t get to learn anything about you, I don’t get even a glimpse into your life, which when hiring 40–50 people during a pandemic — I’m trying to get any clues I can to…

What do I do with a $50+ Million asset if I think the upside could turn me into an out-of-touch ass?

Part 1 if you are interested.

What sparked this post is the pure amount of calls I am getting for people interested in acquiring Seer. While I want to understand the value of my asset in the marketplace, I’m not in a rush to sell. I’ve been through this process once before.

It was the kick in the ass I needed to realize how big Seer has gotten and how it’s time to start implementing my new playbook.

The New Playbook

Who wrote the business playbook anyway?

  • The one that says winner takes all.
  • The one that encourages entrepreneurs to set up and…

What am I going to do when I love my job, own the business 100%, yet I don’t want to take advantage of any of the upside of owning this business anymore?

I’ve hit my point of enough

My house is enough, my cars are enough, my kids private school is enough, my vacation fund is enough. I’ve seen enough of the world. My rainy day fund is enough, my take my parents on vacation fund is enough, my buy a small house for my in laws to move near their grandkids fund is enough. There is no more “Life changing money” for me. …

Something you don’t see out your window when you work from home (for most people). Someone nodding off from taking heroin. Sitting here in my office I just saw that. This is part of why I like being in offices, in a city, its a reminder in the middle of “catching up on pocket reads” of what is out there in the world and a moment to reflect on what am I doing to help?

I’ve done a lot of running at 5:30–6:00 am and man what I see out there only 1 mile from my house / office, it’s…

Ok, first is my mom, but now that I know that she’s pretty proud of me.

Seriously though, I live in fear of becoming lazy.

I can wake up at 5:30am, go for a 5 mile run, come home — shower, change, be the first person in the office and still feel lazy, if I didn’t make my bed.

This is what it sounds like in my head:

Hey you lazy shit, you see your bed? It’s not made.

You know you want to be the guy who makes his bed every day.
You know you love going to hotels…

Have you ever believed in an idea so much that you said to your boss “look, if you give me x time frame to build this, I’ll come back with Y revenue or I’ll go back to my old job / fire me?”

I was always willing to put my ass on the line to get what I wanted out of my manager. It served me well. I assumed they had 10 other people asking for raises / promotions / etc who felt that they deserved it as much as I did.

I wanted to show up having already paid…

Probably. Mom taught me to make sure it was their loss, not mine.

I think it’s extremely difficult to prove someone didn’t hire you because of your race, gender. You just know it happens (the data proves it) but due to a slew of reasons that might not even be known to the hiring manager (biases), it’s hard to say, I wasn’t hired because I was black. One company I tried so hard to get into is run someone who isn’t racist one bit, but after 2–3 attempts, they never hired me. More on that below.

I never expected fairness

Today I was talking about company diversity with a friend and it hit me that maybe the…

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