Clear all your repeat meetings once a year

Got this in my inbox from Crystal and it really resonated. What would happen if you wiped all meetings and put them through a new rubric to determine their value vs investment of time? You don’t have to clear them all, but put each meeting through the ringer at least 1x per year.

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Through the course of the last 2–3–4 years I’ve racked up a lot of meetings, some of which I haven’t gone back to in years to ask myself questions like:

Does that meeting still need me there?

Has me being in that meeting had impact that only I could have? If someone else could have been in that meeting at done the job at least at 80% as well as you maybe you need to train them on that last 20% and back out. Help them grow / take on new challenges.

What meetings am I more of a distraction in that a help? You can tell this by how often you feel like you are slowing the team down on decisions they’ve already made, and you are asking for the backstory.

When I reflect on the re-curring meetings I’ve had, what is different or better as a result? I asked myself this and thought, damn I have a lot of meetings to show people I am invested in them, but TBH nothing has come from it that has had a big impact for the business. It might still be worth it, but who are you missing out on meeting with, or rushing through a meeting with because of this?

Do they align with my insane focus on (Big Data)? Right now I am 100% focused on getting Seer in unique positions to use big data in ways I’m not seeing many people doing just yet. What is that for you? Find it, and ask yourself what % of your meetings reflected that focus? If you want to double revenue in 3 years or decrease turnover by 20%, which meetings are about that? Could current meetings be given more structure to lead you to those goals?

Think of your own rubric, I loved Crystal’s email b/c it is a heads up that meetings are going to be changed and that this is an annual process for her, when you do these as 1-offs it feels shitty to tell someone. When it is part of your process, its a whole different ballgame.

I can’t just CANCEL client meetings, what do I do?

It’s not all about getting rid of the meeting either it is an opportunity to OPTIMIZE the meeting and take a step back with your client. So often we get into rinse, wash, repeat, imagine if you sent to every client of yours a message that said…

How can we get more from out 1 hour a day/week/month together? I believe that there are trends around us we’re not talking about, and we should spend 1 meeting / month talking about those trends and what we are doing to execute on those? Or hey, what part of our meetings are better done in an email and how might we use our time together to tackle bigger issues?

For some tips on asking more consultative questions, I got ya.

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