Death, Data, and Decisions…

Me and the dog on the way back

Before leaving I mentioned to Nora, you know that by asking me to drive cross country with the dog I’m more likely to die than if we flew the dog. ← Don’t say this to your wife.

These are facts. Now lets talk about the things I can’t prove with data

I’m more valuable to my wife than the dog.
I bring in an income, the dog costs money.
I can help take care of the kids, the dog growls at the kids.
The kids might actually like to have their dad around in 5–10–15 years from now.
I’m still in the prime of my life, the dog has 2 maaaaaybe 3 years left.

She got a bit upset…

A DANGEROUS lesson in optimization

This is effing New Mexico Ya’ll.

A BIG lesson about data & emotions, no one is immune

The true test of being data driven is when you value accurate data over data that validates what you want the data to say. That’s what I’m learning. Too often we go in with a desire for what the data is going to tell us, and if it doesn’t tell us that we’ll fight it tooth and nail. Look no further than the Semmelweis effect.

Voting against your best interests



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