Peace out Comparison culture. 8 hours of deleting my Instagram one photo at a time.

I wanna share life with my friends, who want to see me happy, right? For me that was BS!

Maybe 2% of my followers on instagram are people I actually have called or emailed in the last year. I’m also not an artist where I wanted to share my work with the world.

The most cringeworthy post of 7+ years

Luckily after going through 3600 photos, one by freaking one, over 8.5 hours I found only 1 that felt like, really dude, that was some whack shit to say. The photo was fine, the caption was cringeworthy.

For the record this our moderately priced room where we stayed

Why were airports my #2 most posted type?

Airports are NOT beautiful. Especially the Philadelphia International Airport. So why did I take hundreds of photos from there?



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Wil Reynolds

Wil Reynolds

Serial Underdog @seerinteractive doing SEO, Marketing, & Stuff, I am whatever you say I am.