Dude, thank you for taking the time, means a lot.

1 — Agree 100%, this is part of why I wrote this piece, when you won’t just spend like a jackass, how do you find your why to keep pushing. Yeah my momma would slap me silly if I started spending money like a jackass.

2 — Support, TONS, invest in 1. I love helping people with advice, but investing in companies just doesn’t get me all that excited. If I could give advice but not be an investor, outside of the money if things go well, what else am I missing out on? I could be not thinking about this right.

3 — Well you just met one…I want to be a concierge someday, I love helping people find great experiences :) Really. I will say that I could start something again, I’m open to it, as you can ever say never right? I wouldn’t go seeking it out though.

4 — I know, I can be kinda self righteous on my beliefs on money. Raw impact is also a fun place to be, and is reason alone to grow for me today too. The bigger I get the more impact I can have.

5 — Oh dude, I am almost there, Crystal, who runs our company has been an amazing partner in this journey and really has helped architect how we’ll get me more and more out of esclaation points.

6 — Oh def, my plan is to do both.

Thank you again buddy, really appreciate you dropping knowledge. Keep on rockin’ buddy.

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Serial Underdog @seerinteractive doing SEO, Marketing, & Stuff, I am whatever you say I am.

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