I’ve been turning “tough jobs” into fun since I was 12

I hustle. I’m unapologetic about it.

When I tell people how much joy I find in my work and so often the response is “well yeah now that you have a big successful company and people to help you run it, and you are financially independent, I bet it’s enjoyable.”

Turning work into fun since the 6th grade, and what is up with the tevin campbell look in my senior year?

Age 12:

I had a paper route. This gave my mom an opportunity to teach me about money, customer service, etc. I wanted to get maximum tips and spend the least time doing it. So I learned how to “optimize” my route to get thing done fast but with integrity so I could get those big tips at Christmas. Also when it rained my mom never drove me around (for Sunday papers, the big heavy ones w/ all the inserts and coupons, she worked full time)…this is YOUR money she would say. Why should I have to work on my day off (sunday) so you can make money to spend on baseball cards? Noted mom & I hope to be this way with my kids, but it’s going to be hard.

At age 13:

I was packing bloodborne pathogen kits in a warehouse in New Jersey, I found a way to turn it into a game, how many could I do in a day? Age 13, I wanted to be a high performer, better than the rest, and I think I did pretty well. I outlasted almost everyone else in that hot ass warehouse. This is the first time I realized that I got joy from lasting longer than others did, my best friend quit half way through. I finished.

At age 15:

I worked at an independent sneaker shop, I sold shoes to people, helped them try them on, I smelled feet ALL. DAMN. DAY.

At age 19:

I worked in an amazon warehouse. Same thing, I found joy in speed, optimization, and quality. I was surrounded by people who complained… “this place sucks”, “it’s too hot”, “the food in the vending machines is stale”. I instead started challenging myself to speed up my times, optimize my route, and keep quality high. The same challenge I had 7 years earlier as a paper boy. I spent 2 years optimizing routes, figuring out ways to do things better.

Age 44 — The right work + the right people = motivation

No Crystal = No Joy for Wil :) Thank you Crystal — 13 years.
I was there to hear about his early dates, now he’s on kid #4–12 years together Adam, appreciate ya.



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Wil Reynolds

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