Mark, that video of that poor boy crying for his father broke me dude. It was hard to see that. I’m not the protest type, i keep my head down and do my thing and support all those trying to advance…these videos gutted me made me question how many times I’ve trusted the police recount, I’m angry I have to find the right way to channel it.

On the flip side I am one the one black dude who has no stories of being pulled over by police unnecessarily, which would have happened most when I was dating a girl who lived in predominately white and very rich town in high school, as I was driving through their neighborhood in my hoopie.

Then there was the time in college where cops pulled me over I was in Delaware (which can be just like the south) and my girlfriend (same girl from above) I had the top down on my wrangler and I had a bit too much to drink, so I had her drive my jeep back, she never drove stick…needless to say we got to a light and got pulled over. b/c I didn’t have any doors on my jeep, I for some reason decided to jump out of the car and walk to the police car to say, hey I’m just letting her drive stick. I’m in the south and these good ol boys are just looking for a reason, right? Nope. They kindly reminded me to go back to my car and got us a taxi.

I drive cross country usually 1x a year to visit our office in SD I drive fast and I’m in a BMW convertible often times with my wife who is about as pale irish as they come. I’ve been pulled over in Iowa, Virginia, and Texas…the Virgin cop stood out to me most he was kind, he even reduced the fine a TON b/c I was doing over 90, he even said…I hate when I pull over good guys like you.

I’m so conflicted, I think I listened to my own story for so long (hey I’ve been pulled over a ton and nothing happened to me, that I kept trying to act like I couldn’t be the anomaly. This time around I realized I have been. I’m still trying to process it all, but thank YOU for finding your way to speak up, as it is part of helping me figure out my way to do the same.

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Serial Underdog @seerinteractive doing SEO, Marketing, & Stuff, I am whatever you say I am.

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