Thank you for firing me- 9 years later

It took him 9 years to write this…

  • It took him 9 years and many re-writes to send this, this was a great reminder that letting people go from your company can have LONG term effects on how people feel about themselves. Reaching back out can be scary / difficult.
  • Getting to work in your company for some people is validation that they are good / good enough. The opposite is true for some people you have to let go, it’s even more devastating when it doesn’t work. I got this from someone we let got 2–3 years ago, it was a new perspective to me.
  • Firings sometimes are just what people needed to do that soul searching and deep questioning, but we rarely hear that feedback, which for this person helped them to see that he is a super high performer when in a different role altogether (he’s working on satellite technology).
  • Firings sometimes “nudge people” in a direction that they know is right but were unwilling to do. The better you get at those nudges, the sooner someone can go find where they can be successful, you owe it to them.



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