When life changing money, isn’t…

Coming from NOTHING is a super power

Feeling others pain, helps build up your protection against thinking you have real stress / problems. Most entrepreneurs have the ability to get a good job after their business failure, that was comforting enough for me.

The toughest question

What’s your exit number…what a crippling question. At what $$ would I sell the company?

When life changing money, isn’t.

When your dad grows up broke, w/ a drug addicted dad, drunk mother, welfare, etc… you feel like a privileged asshole saying no to a big payoff.

Common statements I heard like…when that wire hits your account, and you see 8 figures, your life is changed forever. Really?

What would I do differently? So I forced myself to do the above, it took me weeks to come up with these two options:

Rio, on the beach in…Rio
People who fly private say d-bag shit like this

DEBT is the mother of all stress.

Living on credit sucks, fuck balance transfer bonuses. Fuck a mortgage, I don’t have one, I’d rather live in a house I could pay off in 10 years (or completely in cash) than one I have to work 30 to pay off. I’m a financial advisers nightmare, I’ll pay off low interest debt when its not “smart”, why? Because not one financial adviser has yet been able to put a price/value on 2 things — 1, my lack of stress and 2 my multitude of options / flexibility.

Loving your job is a superpower…

Ok, so I sell the company, work my 2 years and then what? I wanna keep working because I’m still mega excited about our company and industry. But I could do my “next thing” I don’t have a “next thing”, I love my work, 15 years in and I’m still waking up excited for the day ahead, building a company to exit means you are focused on the exit, which is fine, I’m obsessed with the work.

Me, feeling super-powerful

There’s power in not being beat up

I feel like an acquirer can smell a mile away an owner who is at the end of their rope and stressed out, you wanna get a big offer? Look those people across the table and smile big, between having NO debt and loving your job you are basically saying, if this offer isn’t awesome, I have zero reason to even stop this. I still love the work. If you are complaining about the people in your company, how long the days are, etc even for a second, you might see .5–1.5x knocked off of that opening offer. They know you are spent.

What about risk?

If the whole company went to shit a year from today I’d have ZERO regrets. Do I see threats, you better believe I do. But I don’t live in fear of those threats. I could work somewhere and our company’s reputation ensures that my team is in a better position to get a job if this all fails as well. We’ll all be fine.

What is your Enough?

On a trip about a year ago I noticed my nanny had a tattoo that says “enough” on her arm. When I asked her about it, she told me, its her reminder that she has “enough” in life. That was so simple, yet spoke so much, at 24 she got a tattoo that reminds her of something most people spend their whole lives never learning. From the moment I saw that tattoo, I started asking myself that same question.

Worlds best nanny!

Dreaming small is a superpower

I bought my first single family house for 480k, I bought it the year Seer’s revenue was $1.05 Million, this year we’re on pace to eclipse 17 Million, 2018 20 Million, me…same house, same car. My largest expenses never went up.

Be inspired by NO ONE, avoid the inspiration trap.

Too many “inspiring” entrepreneurs you look up to are fucking broke.

More than Money

“Wil, you sound like a guy who is never ever going to sell” — many people have told me that, I disagree.

Who would be the right match?

I realized that for someone to get “my baby” they’re gonna have to bring more than money and technology, they gotta bring heart. A strong desire to fight for whats right, simple things I’m looking at like equal maternity and paternity, active work on fighting the wage gap, active work on diversity initiatives, I googled and googled and googled the acquiring company’s CEO, their head of HR, and other executives and couldn't find them taking a stand somewhere to use their company as a force on topics like these.

Tell your team

So I gathered the team and told them all. You could feel the big exhale in the room. People were thrilled. Yet I wanted my team to now imagine the exit not as a risk or threat but as something that empowers them to have more financial freedom.

Bringing people with me

Well this company has always been about more than making “me” good, but making as many people as we can better off, in 2018 I’ll begin the process of diluting my 100% ownership stake and will develop a new way to share in the profits of the company with the team who’s been loyal and pushing.



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Wil Reynolds

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